Audrey collection
by Jean-François D'Or

Door handle collection

Audrey is a doorhandle collection based on contrast between matt and mirror polished copper surfaces. The handpolished front surface of object becomes a mirror that reflect architecture.

Material /
Polished & matt copper | Other materials and finishes on request.

Dimension /
Doorhandle 30 x 125 x h60 mm.
Door knob & coat hanger D100mm, D70mm, D30mm, D20mm.

Design /
Jean-François D'Or.

Edition /
Vervloet | Produced and distributed by Vervloet.

Price /
Contact us to get prices and delivery time.

Award /
Architecture Muuuz International Awards 2014.
Part of Belvue Museum, Made in Belgium, Brussels.

Pictures © Stéphanie Derouaux © Thomas De Bruyne, Cafeine. Page 13 to 20.


“I remember the 50s as a time of renewal and of regained security. There was a rebirth of opportunity, vitality, and enthusiasm; a return to laughter and gaiety; the world was functioning again. Above all there was a wonderful quality of hope, born from relief and gratitude for those greatest of all luxuries : freedom and peace.”

Audrey Hepburn

The PINK restaurant at the HUB Antwerp

This architecture has been merged with refreshing and energetic interior designs by Maister and Twee Twaalf Architecten.

It’s tiny. It’s pink. And it’s the best lunch meeting you’ve had.

Audrey doorhandles collection integrated at the HUB Antwerp.


Distributed by Vervloet



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