Jean & Fanny petanque
by Jean-François D'Or

Petanque balls


Jean & Fanny is a set of petanque balls designed for Maison Vervloet objects collection. 

A black leather case envelops a triplette of 3 balls and the cochonnet.

Balls are built in black carbon steel with a matt black aspect. This set is homologated for petanque competition. A hand polished brass insert got the Maison Vervloet seal stamp, this jewel detail allows to recognized balls with specific different colored material dots. 

Artworks you can touch. Over and over again.

Balls | Black carbon steel | Homologated for petanque competition.

Cochonnet jack ball | Hand polished brass.

Leather case | Black leather from Niyona quality of production.


Balls | D 74 mm, 700 gr, homologated for petanque competition.

Cochonnet jack ball | D 30 mm.

Leather case | 235 x 80 x 80 mm.

Jean-François D'Or.

Collaboration with Niyona for the leather case | Thanks to Léa Saluzzi for summer internship.

Edition Vervloet | Edited and Distributed by Vervloet.


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Pictures © Stéphanie Derouaux | Illustration © Caterine Pellin.


In a game of petanque, the problem is the ball.
Petanque is 20 percent of technique and mechanism, the other 80 percent are philosophy, tragedy, romance and melodrama.
Practicing petanque discipline is a complex and specific set of corporal contortions generating a graceful choreography.

The losers put their jackets on again; their balls were already tight in leather case. Several quarreled by laying the blame for the defeat. The voice of Pessuguet arose: and the ceremony? While youths shouted in chorus: Fanny! Fanny! It's tradition, we should respect it! Among general rejoicing, two young men came with a large picture. The three losers advanced while the crowd applauded. I crept to the front row and saw with astonishment that this painting was a butt, nothing else but a butt; no legs or back or hands. Just a big anonymous butt.

Marcel Pagnol, Le temps des amours, chap. 4. La partie de boules de Joseph.



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