Alexandre bed collection
by Jean-François D'Or

Bed & accessories


Alexandre is a modular bed allowing personal compositions of bedroom thanks to different accessories. The sleeping room and its bed are perceived as an intimate living environment. 

Bed & Sofa | Kvadrat fabric covering
Storage box wooden top cover tablet | Natural plywood oak
Backrest, bedside & stool cushion | Kvadrat fabric covering
Bedside table hard top plate | Polished brass
Plaid | Pure wool and mohair

Bed & storage 200 x 230 x h70 cm | Different size versions on request
Cushion backrest, bedside & stool 45 x 55 x h35 cm

Sofa & storage 120 x 130 x h70cm
Brass plate bed & breakfast and bedside top 25 x 45 x 3 cm
Plaid 90 x 240 cm

Jean-François D'Or

Magnitude | Produced and distributed by Magnitude


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This was a very comfortable project to work on; literally I have installed myself in bed and questionned the whole sleeping process making an inventory of a bedroom.

The sleeping room and its bed are perceived as an intimate living environment. Thanks to different accessories Alexandre is a modular bed allowing personal compositions of bedroom.

Thus the headboard consists of a storage case that can be used either as a bedside table or as a cupboard and of which the three compartments are sealed with an oak tablet.
The multifunctional cushions, which fit perfectly in the storage hatch, ensure that the head of the bed can be converted into a comfortable backrest so that one can sit upright. This sitting posture is based on the sloping backrest of a comfortable armchair sofa. The cushions can also be used as a stool pouf or as a bedside table on which a brass stable tabletop can be placed. Once turned over, this tabletop is transformed into a breakfast tray.

To complete the warm, intimate and tender feeling, the bed is finished with a plaid in pure wool and mohair. Inspired by a great jersey that is too big or cosy knitwear, inviting the user to wrap himself completely in it.

Bed based on modularity

Compose your own bed following your personal mood



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