Blossom collection
La Rochère
by Jean-François D'Or

As pixellated poetry, the blossom tableware collection combines rigorous shapes with the delicacy of clear glass. 
A thick raised pattern runs around each piece, reflecting the light as if through pixels, 
while the base is curved, creating a magnifying glass effect.
Blossom is a dish set designed to present starters, salads, nibbles, desserts and more, in a contemporary mood.

Material /

Mechanical clear glass.

Dimension /

Glass whisky / water  D8 x H8 cm.

Bowl small D12 x H6.5 cm.

Bowl large D17 x H5.5 cm.

Edition /

Edited by La Rochère | Produced and distributed by La Rochère.

Design /

Jean-François D'Or.

Price /

Whisky glass : 10,00 Euros / Glass / Box of 4 glasses. Contact us to get delivery time.

Award /

Design Plus 2013 Ambiente Frankfurt Germany.

Part of Belvue Museum, Made in Belgium, Brussels.

Pictures © Stéphane Donicol.

Scampi bracelet | design by David Bielander | Picture © Simon Bielander.


Old father fox, who was known to be mean, invited dame stork in to dinner, there was nothing but soup that could scarcely be seen, soup never was served any thinner; and the worst of it was, as I'm bound to relate, father fox dished it up on a flat plate.

Extract of Jean de la Fontaine fables.



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