Table fifteen
by Jean-François D'Or

Table collection


Fifteen is a table which the top is inspiring by the small puzzle game named Taquin.

A square puzzle composed of 15 square tiles that have to be moved sliding to composed a series of number or a picture.

That game inspired the 10 square removable tiles that composed the table top surface into a functional statement : Those 10 top square tiles can be removed to get access to a storage place underneath.

Wood & satined acrylic plate tiles.

860 x 2060 x 750 mm.

Jean-François D'Or


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The Taquin or game of fifteen, is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing. 

Teaser is a checkerboard-shaped solitaire game created around 1870. 

Its mathematical theory was published by the American Journal of pure and applied mathematics in 1879.

In 1891, its invention was claimed by Sam Loyd, at a time when the game was enjoying considerable popularity. 

It is composed of 15 small tiles numbered from 1 to 15 which slide into a frame provided for 16. It consists of putting the 15 tiles in order from any initial configuration.



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