Deknudt mirrors
by Jean-François D'Or

Psyche mirror

Double-sided mirror inserted into a wooden base, which is an contemporary interpretation of a 19th century psyche mirror. Stand alone, wall shelve and wall base versions.

Wooden base | Silvered mirror glass

Stand alone version | Wooden base D 37 x H 60 cm | Mirror W 47 x H 170 cm

Wall shelve version | Wooden base 55 x H 3 cm | Mirror W 47 x H 170 cm

Wall base version | Wooden base 35 x H 3 cm | Mirror W 47 x H 170 cm

Jean-François D'Or


Deknudt mirrors | Produced and distributed by Deknudt mirrors


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Part of Grand Hornu Museum CID collection.

Brussels gift to Kingdom of Belgium.

Fonds Erasme Christies auction sales for medical research, 15000€.

First price award Reciprocity Liège Belgium.

Pictures © Peter Verplancke


The rich material backdrop of the heroines depicted in the paintings of Alfred Stevens play their part in the inspiration for Elisabeth. Yet at the same time, the ‘veil of melancholy’ that marks such elegant scenes of bourgeoisie luxury does not go unnoticed, in a monolithic object that provides suspended moments of reflection.

Elisabeth psyche mirror is a contemporary translation of the melancholy mood of the of the 19th century and the atmosphere of its romantic movement.
The softness and the roudness of the object are inspired by the female universe. The round base is reminiscent of the wooden handle of the beauty items. The top of this wooden base is widened to serve as a platform; invitation to lay personal objects on.

The contrast between both materials is striking: the natural wood forms a stable basis for the fragile mirror. This mirror cuts the base in two as well as creating a complete circle through its perfect reflection. The mirror line follows the shape of the body and provides a faithful and complete reflection. The glass mirror is double sided. This prompts to turn around the mirror object and place it in the middle of an architecture; bedroom, hallway, bathroom, gallery.

Stand alone, wall shelve and wall base versions.


Explosion of crinolines, bright silks and cashmere shawls with the sole purpose of magnifying the parisian woman of divine essence, taken in the privacy of her interior; despite all the magnificence that surrounds her, she often seems marked by a veil of melancholy.

Melancholy mood of a 19th century boudoir | Text on Alfred Stevens paintings



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