Deknudt mirrors
by Jean-François D'Or

Starting from a simple geometrical shape, those conical mirrors allow different positions for different functions. Thanks to this shape, this mirror concept integrates interiors in many ways: The object fits on the wall but can also be placed on its side or rest on its base. Depending on its position, it gives an unusual way of looking at mirrors and at its reflections. Versatile perspectives as complementary visions of architecture.

Silvered mirror glass | Coated reinforeced aluminium structure

Small D 30 x H 17 cm | 3 positions : wall fitting, inclined on table, horizontal side table.
Large D 70 x H 24 cm | 3 positions : wall fitting, inclined on floor, horizontal side table.

Jean-François D'Or.


Deknudt mirrors | Produced and distributed by Deknudt mirrors.

Distributed by Van Marcke.


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Part of Grand Hornu Museum CID collection Belgium.

Henry Van De Velde Label 2014 Belgium.

Part of Gent Design Museum collection Belgium.

Part of Belvue Museum, Made in Belgium, Brussels.

Pictures © Peter Verplancke © Loudordesign studio.


Above the blue black fjord
and the city,
my friends walked on,
and I stood there
trembling with anxiety,
I sensed an infinite scream
passing through nature.

Extract of Edvard Munch text on his painting the Scream.

Edvard, versatile object screaming for reflection

Fixing on wall, the mirror is a sort of megaphone that makes the wall scream for

reflection. Hence the name Edvard, after the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, the
man behind the painting ‘The Scream’.

Edvard concept comes in two sizes: large version D70cm and small version
D30cm. The conical structure is built in reinforced aluminum coated in several
colors: from sober black or white to yellow, soft green and deep blue.
Once tilted on its side, the larger version of this conical mirror stands stably
inclined on the floor in the middle of a room; seeming to defy the law of gravity.
At first glance, the onlooker gaze is directed downwards, feeling ready to step right
into the mirror, as being sucked through a funnel into a surrealistic landscape.
Despite this unusual inclined position, its large proportions and angles have been
calculated to offer a functional, comfortable and complete reflection.
Switched horizontally on the floor, the larger mirror becomes an occasional low
table furniture.

Just like the large version mirror, the small model has both a practical and

surprising side. Functions and applications change altering the 3 mirror’s positions:

inclined on its side on a table, laying horizontally on a sideboard or fixed on a wall.

Placed inclined on its side, the small conical object fits stably on a room desk as a

nomad make-up mirror.

Installing on horizontal position, the mirror becomes a small podium that gives

extra interpretation to favorite objects. Its offers an exhibition support that doubles

and magnifies personal items of emotional value.

A nomad versatile complicit mirror object that jump from function to function, from

reflection to reflection.



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