Nom d'une pipe !!
Bon Bon
by Jean-François D'Or

Nom d'une pipe is an object to bring the bill to the table after a successful meal.
The Bon Bon Chef Christophe Hardiquest asked me to think about some scenarii regarding how to bring the bill.
The bill is thus rolled into the brass pipe expressing the smoke, the lightness and delicacy of the moment. Inside a the ebony box is a high quality graphic thanks card.

See Installation for Bon Bon Arbre à papilles.

Material /

Wooden ebony box | Polished brass pipe object. 

Dimension /
10 x 10 x 15 cm.

Design /
Jean-François D'Or

Edition /

Bon Bon restaurant, Chef Christophe Hardiquest, haute cuisine gastronomic salon. 

Two Guide Michelin stars.

Pictures © Stéphanie Derouaux ©  Philippe D. ©  Richard Haughton © Bon Bon.

Bring me the bill, please.

Nom d'une pipe !! 
Belgian expression that communicates surprise, astonishment. 
Bring me the bill, would you please. 
Smoke, lightness and delicacy of the moment. 



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